"Chris and my son met literally just under 3 months before his final A2 chemistry exam. In the past we had trouble finding the right tutor who would be committed and confident in getting where my son wanted to get. From the get go Chris was organised, thorough and enthusiastic about teaching and making progress. Lessons with Chris were always structured and would bring relevant external resources from different boards which not only challenged my son but also expanded his knowledge of the subject. His help and expertise has been greatly appreciated and would highly recommend for those parents who are also in search for a reliable, flexible and dedicated tutor. Having achieved his A grade my son is excited to be starting medical school this September. Well done Chris! "

J, East London, August 2017

"I am currently a health researcher at the National Centre for Social Research in London having completed graduate school at the University of Oxford. Last year I made the decision to pursue my ambition to become a medical doctor, which meant attending evening classes in chemistry to gain the qualifications needed to apply to medical school. Having not done any chemistry in 10 years, I found the learning curve incredibly steep. As such I was lucky enough to get in touch with Chris and he has now been my tutor for over 9 months. To begin with, he is a wonderful teacher. Having gained a Masters degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford, Chris is obviously academically talented and his knowledge of a challenging subject is second to none. However it is his ability to break down the complexity and explain difficult to understand ideas in plain English that make him a great teacher. Having taught teenagers and adults for over seven years he brings a wealth of experience which is clear in his ability to relay information in a clear and understandable fashion. He adapts his teaching style to suit me and the areas I struggle with, and combined with his positive encouragement he has built my confidence and ability in a subject I previously found hopeless. Further to this I have found Chris to be flexible and considerate with his time, re-arranging sessions and adapting to fit in with my schedule, even when I know he also has an extremely busy timetable. Chris is also thoughtful and kind and will go that extra mile to help advance my understanding, whether that means spending extra time or contact outside our sessions. As well as being an excellent teacher Chris is a pleasure to work with, he is friendly, upbeat and easy going. I know Chris puts 100% into everything he does and will relish any challenges that come his way with a positive attitude and a flexible, friendly approach. "

Rachel Whalley, graduate medical school applicant, Shoreditch, July 2013

(August 2013 update: Rachel is about to embark on her A2 Chemistry this September)

"I've had many tutors during my three years at A levels and I can honestly say that Chris was the best teacher I have come across within those years. When I first sat my A levels I had failed tremendously with a U in chemistry, with Chris I was able to gain help as well as an understanding for Chemistry (which is also equally important!) and gained an A grade in Chemistry at the end of my A levels. Chris is a great teacher and I highly recommend him to any student wishing to gain a better insight into Chemistry with the addition of actually enjoying learning the subject as well!"

Ruhu Chad, Gant's Hill, London, August 2013

"Without hesitation I recommend Chris for his steadfastness, reliability and excellent teaching ability. He was faced with a teenager at a highly selective academic fee-paying school whose A level chemistry class had had a succession of teachers who either fell ill or left prematurely or were inadequate. You can imagine the frustration at such an important time in a student's life! Chris calmly and methodically rose to this considerable challenge and not only filled the teaching gaps but inspired much-needed confidence and self-belief. We all are very grateful to him and think that any student who is lucky to have him as a teacher is indeed very lucky."

SW, London, August 2013

"Chris has provided tuition to our son whilst undertaking AS level in Chemistry. Our son has found him enormously helpful, patient and excellent at explaining points of difficulty. We highly recommend Chris. "

Dr A. K. Thapar, Cardiff, August 2013

(update: Kirin went up from a grade U to C in Chemistry and has now secured his place at his first choice university, Cardiff, to read Geography)

"My daughter was due to take her GCSE Maths in Autumn 2010 and I was becoming increasingly concerned about her lack of confidence in the subject. I contacted Chris following several recommendations from work colleagues and it was one of the best things I ever did. Over the very short period of barely 8 weeks, he worked with my daughter steadily building her confidence with tremendous patience and individually tailored work. Consequently, he single-handedly succeeded in completely changing my daughter's attitude to Maths to the degree that she now actually enjoys it. She achieved a Grade A in higher tier GCSE (school expected a grade B) and she has now opted to take Maths at A level. I have already booked Chris to support her in this along with A level Chemistry. "

Dawn Jenkins, Ystradgynlais, August 2011, 2013

(August 2013 update: Ffion achieved AAB in her A levels, A in Chemistry, and will now read Psychology at Cardiff University)

"My daughter was concerned about the step up from GCSE chemistry to AS level chemistry as she had seen how her older sister had suffered. I contacted Chris and from the very start he worked on improving my daughter's ability and confidence in a friendly, laid back, professional manner. Chris worked with my daughter on the parts of the syllabus she was tackling at college, so there was a seamless progression throughout the academic year. Although still nervous about the year end examination, my daughter was as well prepared as she could have been thanks to the efforts of Chris. I would have no hesitation in recommending him based on my observation of my daughter's improved ability. "

Lisa Price, Neath, August 2012

(August 2013 update; Keera achieved A*AA in her A levels with an A grade in Chemistry, and has now secured her place to read Pharmacy at Bath University)

"I received tuition from Chris in April 2011 prior to my Year 10 exams, he assisted me with Mathematics and the Sciences. My confidence was greatly improved in theses subjects. I had 5 lessons with Chris and over this short amount of time I was able to gain a much better understanding of the subjects. Chris explains subjects clearly and is easy to approach.   "

Rhys Parry, Year 10 pupil, Port Talbot, August 2011, 2013

(July 2013 update: Rhys went on to achieve an A* in GCSE Maths and grade A in AS Chemistry

"Chris has taught our daughter for her A2 Chemistry course. Her confidence in Chemistry was increased and her understanding of the subject have flourished. Unfortunately, her school was struggling with sickness in their chemistry team and using several supply staff to cover, this had an adverse effect during her AS year. We decided to look for outside support and, with Chris’s tutoring, my daughter has achieved an A grade. Importantly, he allowed my daughter to explore wider aspects of the subject that added valuable enrichment beyond the confines of the syllabus and enabled her to understand the course topics clearly. The benefits were clear in her confidence and resultant grades. She found that working together for a year was very beneficial as they could really follow the subject thoroughly and include review of the AS areas; this paid dividends given the modular nature of the course. My daughter has really enjoyed working with Chris and values his knowledge and expertise. I recommend him as an excellent teacher with a great knowledge of his subject area and the ability to impart confidence to the student that they can take forward into their revision and exam. The results speak for themselves. "

Gillian Lineham, Islington, London

(August 2012 update: with her required A grade in Chemistry Amy has now taken up her offer to read Medicine at Oxford University)

"Chris is a dedicated teacher who was able to create an interest in Chemistry for my son and that according to me is the best thing a teacher can do for a student. So much so that my son was doing 4-5 practice papers per day just before the exams as he was able to breeze through them. He has come a long way from where he had started initially wherein he was not able to understand much of the subject. "

AMI, Mayfair, London, July 2012

(August 2012 update: Arpan achieved an A grade in his Chemistry AS level)

"We cannot recommend Chris highly enough for his professional and friendly service. In March 2011 we moved from London to Wales and Ryan started to struggle with his new school Maths teacher and the different way of teaching. Chris very quickly got Ryan back on track and built on his confidence and knowledge. Right up to the few days before Ryan's exam, Chris was on hand to help with preparing for the exam and supplied him with past papers and taught him how to read the questions correctly. Ryan is confident he will achieve an A grade and this would not have been possible without Chris' support and expert teaching skills. We are hoping Chris will return to help with 'A' level work! We all found Chris very friendly, professional, knowledgeable of the exams and supportive to the family and anyone looking for a tutor would be delighted to find him. "

Lucy Friend, South Wales, July 2012

(August 2012 update: Ryan achieved an A* in Maths!)

"My daughter Lauren was struggling with Physics and Maths leading up to her GCSE exams and Chris was recommended by a family friend who had previously sourced his help. We found Chris to be highly motivated, friendly and very professional in his approach to work. His no nonsense style and ability to break down issues quickly meant that Lauren began a steady improvement which was reflected in her exam grades. This led to Lauren enjoying the subject matter and changing her mind set about the subjects. We can only thank him for his dedication and enthusiasm and would have no hesitation in using his skills again for both our children in their further education. "

Julie & Martin Donnelly, Ystradgynlais, South Wales, July 2012

(August 2012 update: Lauren achieved A grades in both Physics and Chemistry)

"My son was struggling with GCSE Maths and we engaged Chris as his Maths tutor. In a short amount of time my son went up a set and was enjoying and understanding Maths! Chris is very professional yet easy to talk to about any concerns, he made studying easy and motivated my son. I would highly recommend Chris, he is approachable, polite and had a great relationship with my son. Chris was well prepared with revision guides etc.. he also assisted my son with science revision before he sat his GCSEs, my son passed both his science and math GCSE with C grades. I know that he would not have achieved these results without the assistance from Chris. "

Helen Rees, Neath, August 2012

"Chris Tooze is a fantastic tutor. He took our son, who has been home educated since he was 8 yrs old, from KS3 Maths to GCSE level in only 9 months. Chris made Maths GCSE easy to understand and enjoyable. Chris built our son's weekly 2 hour lessons around his personal abilities and needs and truly helped build his confidence. At only 14 yrs of age James took his GCSE Maths in June 2012 and is confident that he has passed. We highly recommend Chris to everyone. "

Pauline Adams, Crynant, South Wales, July 2012

(August 2012 update: James achieved a B grade in GCSE Maths)

"My daughter was struggling in school with Maths so with Chris' expert tuition she not only understands Maths now, but has moved up a set and is sitting her GCSE exam 6 months early! Chris is an excellent tutor and has helped my daughter a lot, she is now very confident and is relishing her maths GCSE in November! He's very prompt, reliable and professional. I can recommend him to anyone for Maths or Science! Thank you Chris you're a star! "

Stewart Lampard, Porthcawl, August 2011

(August 2012 update: Hollie successfully passed her Maths GCSE in November 2011 and Science GCSEs in June 2012)

"Chris began working with my son Ashley following a fragmented teaching year at AS level which led to a disappointing Chemistry result. Chris was able to identify quickly the gaps in his knowledge and develop an effective learning framework. Chris has a friendly approach, is focused on achieving the best results and was able to work with Ashley at the right level for him and as a result was able to give him the confidence he needed to tackle the subject. The final result moving from an E at AS level to a B at A level speaks for itself. "

Stephen Lloyd, Bridgend, August 2011

(July 2012 update: Ashley has just completed his first year reading Biomedical Science at the University of West England UWE)

"Chris is an excellent tutor who made sure I could reach my full potential. His method of teaching is easy to understand and has given me confidence in my ability to study Chemistry. He had all the past papers and notes that I needed in preparation for my exams, and it payed off - I had an A in CH1 and CH2! Thank you for everything and I hope to have you again next year. "

Daniel James, A level Student, Port Talbot, August 2011

(August 2012 update: Daniel achieved 3 A grades including A in Chemistry and is off to study Biomedical Science at UCL)

"When my son needed some assistance with Chemistry I chose Chris owing to his impressive qualifications. It didn't take long for my son to comment Chris was not only extremely knowledgeable but also able to convey information in an easy-to -understand manner. Chris offers excellent value for money, has a natural way with his pupils and is genuinely interested in their futures. Chris is a highly qualified teacher who is a credit to his profession as well as being a complete gentleman. Thank you Chris, my son wouldn't have got his excellent A level result without you!"

Fiona Letherby, Bridgend, July 2012

"Chris was recommended for Chemistry tuition by a close friend. My son was studying for his A levels and was struggling with the course and lacking confidence in the subject. From the first tutoring session my son's confidence and knowledge had increased due to Chris' expertise in teaching. He encouraged my son to become relaxed and to develop greater interest and enthusiasm hence building his self esteem. Chris was always well prepared, very friendly, reliable and punctual. His methods of teaching were easy to understand and he advised my son of different revision and exam techniques. My son responded well to his teaching methods and to him as a person as he is very approachable and amiable. I am grateful for all his help and support and will certainly be booking him for my younger son in the future. I have recommended him to others already."

Alison Herbert, Bridgend, July 2012

"Chris tutored me for my first year studying Chemistry A level. The method he used to teach me was in my opinion, direct and very effective. In the first few weeks, we were able to rule out which areas I was strong in and what areas needed improvement. This helped me direct my own revision and I was able to organize myself and achieve high marks ( 80%+ ) and improve not only in Chemistry, but my other A level courses. The tutoring lessons we had were intensive but at a pace I wanted so I could absorb all the information. The notes he gave me we far more useful than most texts books as it picked up on the more important parts of the topics that often came up in the exams. Also I could access the information quicker. The feedback from Chris was honest, which at times worried me I was not ready, but at the same time gave me the confidence as he helped me work on my faults and perfect my exam technique before the real exams. What I liked the most about Chris was that he was very approachable yet maintained a teacher and student environment, which encouraged me more to learn and better myself each time in the homework he gave me. Without Chris, I know I would not have been nearly as prepared nor confident in my own ability as I am now. I am hoping to go on and train as a dentist. I am achieving far higher marks in all my subjects now because he has helped me find a revision style that works for me. I recommend Chris above anybody else. "

Taylor Morgan, Ffynone House pupil, Swansea

"Chris tutored my son Danny during his A level years. Chris was completely reliable, knew the syllabus and was an excellent teacher. Danny both liked him very much and respected him. I am most grateful to Chris for his commitment to us. "

Miriam Handren, BA ACA Dip HIP MA (Psychotherapy), August 2011

(July 2012 update: Danny is currently studying Environmental Science at UWE).

"My Daughter Alicia sat her A-levels in 2011, she found As difficult due to the jump from GCSE to A-level. After a few weeks tuition from Chris my daughter was able to understand how to answer the questions correctly to get the full marks as WJEC tend to want specific answers. Chris was always prompt and reliable and would fit in with my daughter’s timetable from school. My daughter found that Chris' way of teaching put Chemistry A-level into a more understandable structure so she could answer any question that would arise on that one topic of the syllabus. "

Adele Davies, Swansea, August 2011

(July 2012 update: Alicia achieved 3 A grades at A level including Chemistry, and has just completed her first year at Cardiff University where she is reading Biology).

"I contacted Chris at short notice with regard to A-Level Chemistry tuition, as it was becoming increasingly challenging. I found Chris to be reliable, punctual and always flexible, willing to work around my lesson timetable. He was very approachable, friendly and was quickly able to put me at ease. His lesson plans were very structured and organised. He was extremely thorough, patient and knowledgeable. Without question, the help Chris provided restored my confidence and gave a much needed boost. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Thank you Chris! "

Mike Friberg, Swansea, July 2012

"We contacted Chris quite late in the year to support our son who was finding his Chemistry 'A' level a challenge. Chris was able to restore his confidence and enthusiasm to continue and aim to obtain the best grade for himself. My son found that he learnt so much from Chris and went into the exam feeling much more confident than he would have otherwise. We will be using Chris for our other son who will be sitting his GCSEs next year. We would genuinely recommend Chris."

Nigel and Cindy Lawrence, Bridgend, September 2011

"After sitting numerous A-Level Chemistry exams and only achieving E grades, I called Chris for one to one tuition. His easy-going attitude and wealth of knowledge helped me gain a completely new insight into the subject. My understanding of difficult topics improved significantly after each session with Chris, which increased my enthusiasm towards Chemistry. What helped me most, is Chris' suggestion of a new revision technique which I followed religiously. After picking up my A-level results and discovering I'd achieved grade A in Chemistry overall, I have nothing but praise for Chris and I will be forever grateful for all his help."

Jodie Harrison, A level Student, Tonypandy, August 2011

"My 16 year old son has always been very nervous about sitting exams. The tuition he received from Chris ensured that he learnt formula's in a familiar environment, with a friendly but professional approach, which built his esteem and enabled him to go into his GCSE exam with confidence. Thanks for all the help Chris. "

Debbie Jay, Bridgend, August 2011

"Chris provided tuition to my daughter who was undertaking her AS level in Chemistry. Chris was fantastic and I recommend him without any reservation. He is patient, supportive and very knowledgeable. He helped my daughter more fully understand her subject and improved her confidence considerably. This certainly helped her in the preparation for her exams."

Dr Kesh Baboolal, University Hospital of Wales Cardiff, July 2011

"I found Science subjects difficult during my GCSE years, therefore I took up Chris as a tutor. Reflecting back on my GCSE results I am thoroughly pleased with them. I continued to have Chris through my college years as I found his guidance and teaching styles effective. Without Chris I feel my grades wouldn't have been as high as what they were and I would have struggled to receive an offer from Cardiff University. Chris is very approachable and easy to talk to, I strongly recommend Chris to anyone."

Lewis Thorpe, Biology student, Cardiff University, July 2011

"My daughter was struggling in Maths GCSE obtaining D's and E's. After just 12 lessons with Chris she was a B grade student and after a further 6 lessons was achieving A grade, an amazing turn around at a subject that was not liked. Chris was professional and courteous at all times and tailored my daughter’s lessons to her requirements. Both myself, and my daughter, thank him wholeheartedly for his valued assistance and I would definitely contact him again should the need arise."

Julie James, Bridgend, August 2010

"My daughter sat her GCSEs in 2008 and was very worried about Maths as she could not understand topics in the way she was being taught at school. Chris worked wonders with her, boosting her confidence and explaining concepts with patience and in an easy to understand way. She sat the intermediate paper and got a grade B, the highest possible for this paper. Very happy to recommend Chris to anyone. He is now tutoring her for A-Level Chemistry."

Arlene Lewis, Swansea, June 2010

"I was recommended Chris by a friend for my 13 year old son to help with his Maths. I find Chris is a great tutor who with his professional yet adaptable approach to tuition to suit the pupil, has helped my son move up a set in school. His tuition has helped give my son the extra confidence and knowledge he needs to understand Maths. Kealam finds Chris easy to get on with and helpful with his work. At times when he doesn’t want the extra hour of Maths outside school hours, Chris soon brings him round and Kealam enjoys his lesson. I would easily recommend Chris to anyone needing a tutor. "

Amanda Davies, Ystradgynlais, Swansea, November 2009

"My daughter has become a lot more confident in Chemistry since receiving tuition from Chris. He was very patient and my daughter felt he was approachable and helpful in aiding her with her problems in the subject. I would recommend Chris after the great help he was to my daughter."

Alison Evans, Ystradgynlais, June 2008

"I found Chris extremely personable, reliable and very approachable. He had the ability to combine an easy going manner, thus putting a pupil at ease, with extremely professional methods which undoubtedly brought out the very best in my son."

Annette Roberts, Swansea, August 2008

"Chris of CT Tuition replied to my enquiry promptly and provided the support that my daughter needed before starting her A levels. The initial assessment was done within a week and the lessons were tailored to her exact needs. Chris is friendly and approachable, as well as being an excellent teacher. I recommend CT tuition wholeheartedly."

Juliet Adams, Baglan, September 2008