Online Tuition


We are currently living in unprecedented times, with education and other service sectors increasingly conducting business through online platforms. With that said, a full, comprehensive online tuition service is also provided in addition to in-person tuition, utilising whatever platform you wish – whether it be Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Online lessons are streamed in full HD using professional audio, visual and lighting equipment (not a laptop webcam and inbuilt microphone), ensuring your experience is as close as possible to in-person tuition. Furthermore, I utilise a HD overhead viewer and whiteboard, so you can take notes during the lesson and we can discuss problems in real-time. Lastly, practice questions, mark schemes and notes can be sent over instantly during the lesson.

I work with a number of students both nationally and internationally (particularly those in China and Hong Kong), who have made great progress in our online lessons.

Benefits of Online Tuition

  • Tuition can take place at a time and place convenient to both the tutor and tutee.
  • Practice questions, mark schemes and notes can be sent instantly during the lesson.
  • Use of a whiteboard allows for creativity of thought and problem-solving during the lesson.
  • Tutees from anywhere around the world will have access to an experienced, Oxford educated teacher working at one of the best schools in the UK - this would be almost impossible if the tuition had to take place face-to-face, but geographical distance wouldn’t allow!


If interested, please get in touch via the Contact Form.