About Me


Hello, my name is Christopher, I've taught Science and Maths for over 12 years. At present, I am teaching Chemistry and Science (at various Key Stage levels), in a prestigious, independent North London co-educational school, having previously taught at City of London School for Girls. I began tutoring in 2005, after graduating from Oxford University (Worcester College 2001 - 2005), with a Masters in Chemistry. Additionally, I have worked as a Science and Maths teacher on the Government's Life Long Learning Scheme. Professionally, I have served as a consultant within the environmental science/engineering sector for a large multinational corporation.

'Christopher Tooze Tuition' was established in 2005 where I began tutoring on a part time basis within South Wales, whilst working as a consultant for a globally recognised environmental science and engineering cooperation. As demand for my tuition services grew and grew, bespoke, private tuition became my primary occupation in 2008. By then I had helped numerous students reach their full potential and go on to achieve academic excellence.

By the start of the 2011 - 2012 academic year, CT Tuition had become well established across South East and South West Wales, at which point my tuition services were introduced in London. Also during that year I worked as a Mathematics and Science teacher through the government-funded 'Lifelong Learning Scheme', where I was responsible for coordinating and delivering GCSE Science and Mathematics courses to large classrooms of children at a learning centre within South Wales. A number of pupils were affected with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD.

At the end of 2012, and after such a successful trial run, CT Tuition moved permanantly to London, bringing us to the present day where I continue to tutor face-to-face (as well as online), alongside my academic commitments at school.

Approach to Tutoring

With well over a decade's worth of tuition experience, an in-depth knowledge of all the major examination boards and an extensive list of references to call upon, I believe I am well placed to help you with your tuition needs. My aim is to get the very best out of tutees using a variety of teaching methods with a strong emphasis on exam technique. I have helped tutees of all ages and abilities on a one-to-one basis as well as within small groups. I am flexible and adaptable in my approach to teaching, and endeavour to create a learning environment in which the tutee can thrive. I am easy-going and very approachable - questions from tutees are encouraged as much as possible; I believe this is absolutely paramount if a solid understanding of a topic is to be achieved. Subjects are taught according to exact syllabus requirements. Knowledge is tested through the setting of regular homework and past paper questions. Marking and feedback to tutees will be prompt.

I am currently residing in South East London, but can provide Chemistry tuition, Maths tuition and Science tuition throughout London (Zones 1 - 4) and Greater London - please enquire through the 'Contact' page.

Benefits of Private Tuition

  • Every person is different; every person has his/her own grasping ability whether at home or in school/college. One-to-one tuition sessions are flexible and can be tailored to your exact requirements, so learning can be at a pace to suit you. This will improve confidence and levels of understanding in the desired subject.
  • One-to-one tuition offers the benefit of undisrupted learning throughout an entire session. You will receive undivided attention and the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, something which is not always possible in a classroom environment. Furthermore, a class full of pupils can be somewhat intimidating on times, especially if it's a particularly large class or the teacher is not very approachable or personable.
  • Its one thing understanding a subject, but being able to apply that knowledge in an exam situation and score high marks takes practice. Tuition can help you perfect your exam technique, so that you get the grades you deserve.
  • Private tuition can help give you an advantage over others – learning can be at a time and place convenient to you, ensuring an appropriate and comfortable environment where you can maximise your potential.
  • Notes and past paper questions will be provided in cases where they have not been made available through school or college.

A comprehensive online tuition service can also be provided in addition to face-to-face tuition – please see full details on the 'Online Tuition' page


Availability and Fees


This page will be updated regularly with information on my current availability. A small number of spaces sometimes become available at the end of January, however, early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. Bookings are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis and ideally confirmed during September when I start back school.

  • Currently taking bookings for the current academic year.



GCSE and A level: £50/hour.

Undergraduate, BMAT and GAMSAT: £50/hour.

In the event of a cancellation, 24 hours notice must be given otherwise payment will be required in full at the next lesson.