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Christopher Tooze

Hello and welcome! If you are interested in online tuition for help with school or college work, have upcoming exams or perhaps are applying for Oxbridge or Medicine, then you have come to the right place.


15 years of Expertise
Tuition Services Provided

I have experience teaching all of the major UK GCSE and A level syllabi with particular expertise in the OCR, CIE, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC examination boards. Past paper questions will be provided, and, if required, textbooks for loan.

Additionally, I offer Science and Maths tuition for Middle and High School students in the USA, as well as international students based in other locations around the world e.g. Europe, Asia etc.

  • Chemistry to A Level.
  • Mathematics and all Sciences to GCSE level.
  • Mathematics and Science at Key Stage 3 level.
  • Assistance with preparation for Oxbridge interviews.
  • Assistance for those sitting professional exams e.g. entrance to the Armed Forces, flying license, university mathematics shrot courses etc.
  • Undergraduate and foundation year tuition, for degrees incorporating chemistry-based modules e.g. access courses to medicine, nursing and veterinary science, food science adn engineering; Business with Chemistry; and foreign languages with Chemistry.
  • Medical School Applications - BMAT, GAMSAT, Foundation Year... etc.
  • Applying to medical school is ferociously competitive and demand for places has never been higher, especially in London. I have passed the GAMSAT medicаl entrаnce exаm required fоr certаin medicаl schооls in the UK e.g. St Georges London, Nottingham etc., so am fully aware of the depth of knowledge and preparation required to pass such a test. Additionally, I offer tuition for the BMAT entrance exam - something very popular with the students I teach at my current school.
  • I offer bespoke, detailed tuition for the Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry and Physics elements of the Science sections in these tests. Furthermore, advice and guidance is provided for Sections I and II on written comprehension and structured essays. Depending on the timeframe, we will progress through a syllabus of topics, practising past paper style questions with a heavy focus on exam technique i.e. being able to work through detailed (often numerate) questions at a brisk pace without the use of a calculator. GAMSAT is very difficult; independent study and the ability to put the hours in is absolutely essential if you are to be successful in this exam - I can provide the framework and tools to help you study and prepare but a serious commitment is required on your part - please see the 'Medical Entrance' page for full details.

Let me help you to achieve your goals...